Starting Point

September 30, 2007

I guess I swallowed a blog bug. I never really thought of creating a blog on myself. What acoincidence? well any who – I’m just an average person finding ways to vent.  I’m married, and I have three little ones. I’m currently a soldier serving our nation in Iraq. If you didn’t tell, Military isn’t for everyone. It’s been good to me – no doubt. I guess that time has came, and it’s time to move on. I’m speaking as if I leave the service tomorrow! Damn Army and their smucking Stoploss! I hope to become an Entrepreneur in some form of fashion. Not fashion as in the industry, but the other way. I guess this blog can keep me motivated to do so. Other than that you’ll catch random writings of all sorts. Variety of writings – this how I came up with the subtitle Blog of Diversity (lol) If you had to narrow it down: Life (family, relationships, friends, education) Finance (online investments, occupation investments, personal finance) Fitness & Health(weight loss, weight gain, supplements, dieting, training, exercises) and Entertainment (gaming, dvd, books, music, dining, sports, humor)