Movin On Up!

October 7, 2007

That’s right Blogin Diversity is moving to a new host. To my small fan base ūüėČ Look for a new theme, and improved content at

 Hope to see you there!

– Alex.


The Do’s and Dont’s of Blogging

October 5, 2007

Following the advice I’m about to reveal to you should lure people to your blog and keep them there! The process is quite simple, following it will not only improve your traffic, but increase your blog’s wealth. I present to you the 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts of blogging!

DO – Write valuable information to increase your content’s capacity. Write what you want not what other people want. Make it interesting that the commentators will remember. Remember the reason why people come to your blog is to read what you’ve wrote!

DON’T¬†write information to fill space. Having one well written addictive article is worthless if the rest is garbage.

DO–¬†Name¬†creative bold titles. Don’t over do it with text such as and & but. Creative titles will catch someones eye. Example topic Cars – F Bodies Newest Design. If you didn’t know what a F Body is you wouldn’t know it’s a Camaro. Here’s one more – Eight Cylinders of pure Adrenaline. Remember a bold title is similar to a Hurricane sucking everything in!

DON’T create a title on a¬†subject that is generic. Great example on making money online would be… Make Money Online With Me. That’s pathetic, and I believe you can do much more. Don’t use strapped for time as an excuse. Take your time, and deliver a knock out!

DO– Have a unique theme that is not cluttered with text and advertisements. If you cannot afford to purchase a custom theme simply download one and customize it to your liking. Think of this – Would you rather look and drive a Lamborghini Diablo or a Honda Accord? Remember once their at your site, it’s either the design or the content that will make them come back!

DON’T continue writing amazing articles on the old ass word press theme. Create a good atmosphere with an amazing vibe. Not the feeling¬†of well I’ve seen this before or been there done that.

DO– Welcome user feedback. They’ve came to your Blog and their about to leave, encourage a comment! A great example is to leave space in an article/post for users to fill in. Remember once a friend always a friend (most likely) ūüôā

DON’T respond to comments. This is a golden rule of how not to make a good community.

DO– Leave a reason for visitors to return. A great example is to offer something. Back links, Affiliates, eBooks, and Blogroll can be an example. Remember incentives will keep them returning!

DON’T do anything to offer help, and your visitors will think your an oaf. Most of what you should offer should help yourself and the community, am I right?

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‘Roidfully Known

October 5, 2007

The Washington Post reported Thursday that the Olympic star Marion Jones was juicing prior to the 2000 Olympics. Marion Jones wrote a letter confessing to her family and friends. I wonder who leaked the information in that letter? Once a triple gold medalist in Sydney was under the “impression” the flax-seed oil she was taking wasn’t “the clear”. Wait a sec, I thought Marion was using flax-seed oil? How the truth bends to any angle! The clear is a name of a performance-enhancing drug produced by BALCO. The same BALCO that may be linked to Home Run King Barry Bonds.

Also in the Post Jones will plead guilty Friday in New York to two counts of lying to federal agents about the drug use and an unrelated financial matter. The newspaper reports, “I want to apologize for all of this” quoting a person (remember that family or friend?) who received a copy of the letter. The letter also states, “I am sorry for disappointing you all in so many ways.”

Sucks to be her, because this confession could pony up the five medals she won at the Sydney Olympics. Her goal participating in the Olympics was to bring home five gold medals. Do you feel bad for her now? Pandora’s Box has been open and a lot of personnel are coming out sprinting! Victor Conte head of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO) repeatedly accused Jones of doping.

That must have been some strong tasting flax-seed oil, because in 2003 Jones among many other athletes testified at a San Francisco federal grand jury that was investigating… yup BALCO. Her boyfriend (past, or present?) Tim Montgomery was given a two-year ban for doping in late 2005. December 2004 the International Olympic Committee declared an investigation on doping allegations against Jones.

Last year she tested positive for EPO a performance-enhancing drug. She immediately quit the European track tour forfeiting an estimated $300,000 in appearance and performance fees. When she returned to the states she tested negative to a urine sample connecting EPO.

Wait! it gets better. Jones was reported saying, “Red flags should have been raised when he told me not to tell anyone.” If someone tells me not to tell anyone, a lightbulb goes off and it’s not a good one! So where does this financial matter fall into place? Jones lied about a $25k check given to her by Montgomery (boyfriend) who pleaded guilty in New York concerning a multimillion-dollar band fraud and money-laundering scheme. What the hell is going on here? Ole’ Timothy wasn’t alone on this “financial” scheme Jones’ former agent, Charles Wells, and coach Steven Riddick was among them. I think drugs are the least of her concern since her reputation is shot. Now if her coach, boyfriend, and agent was apart of this…

Stay tuned on a developing story on Barry Bonds! back to you Alex!

Online Savings Account

October 4, 2007

A great way to earn extra money due to interest would be opening an Online Savings Account. Online compared to Brick and Mortar Banks is extremely lucrative (comparison below). The accounts are developed to “piggy-back” onto your original checking account. The concept is great, because if you need the money you can simply transfer it back into the savings account. Keep in mind some if not all have transfer limits monthly. Other than the tremendous interest opportunity some OSAs are easy to open with Minimum Opening Value, No Minimum Balances, and No Monthly Fees.

How Much Can I Earn?
Your current checking account pays nearly nothing most likely. I know for sure my Bank of America savings is .02 percent While my FNBO Direct earns a nice 5.05 percent. Let’s conduct a little interest experiment between $50 contributions with 5.0% and .20 %

I know $50 a month isn’t much, but a penny saved is a penny earned! The money will add up take a look…

  • 5.00 % and $50.00 contributions for one year = $613.94
  • Bank of America¬†at 0.20%¬†and $50.00 contributions¬†¬†=¬†$600.55
  • Total difference between Bank of America and 5.00% = $13.39
  • Increased¬†with 200 monthly at 5.0% for a year = $2455.89

As you can see to be the largest bank in the world their interest is horrible. Now they do have interest savings account much higher (2-4%) but these accounts are minimum of thousands of dollars. Take my advice and open a OSA today.

Here is a small compiled list of popular Online Savings Accounts/Banks.

FNBO Direct:
5.05% APY, $1 to open, No Monthly Minimum Balance.

4.75% APY, $1 to open, No Monthly Minimum Balance.

HSBC Direct:
4.50% APY, $1 to open, No Monthly Minimum Balance.

ING Direct:
4.30% APY, $1 to open, No Monthly Minimum Balance.
Incentive – $25 Account Opening Bonus

Do you know of more that should be added? Comment on this, and I’ll update.

Stressed Out Skin

October 3, 2007

I didn’t plan on writing another article tonight, but this caught my eye. I was reading some of the news on yahoo, and an¬†article on the affect of stress on skin was intriguing.

As everyone understands stress plays hard, and when it does it brings the A-game. Stress can do multiple things to your body. Increased weight, heart issues, loss of hair and many more. Whenever stress takes it’s toll your body’s cortisol level sky rockets. In exchange your blood sugar is in the passenger seat for a one way ticket to the milky way. With those combined sugar molecules eat away at the skin’s collagen and elastin. Among that Acne can take it’s place. Adrenaline spikes can make the skin age quicker as well.

Ladies – tired of those dark circles beneath the eyes? Well epinephrine (adrenaline) also rises in stressful situations which in turn is decreased blood flow to the skin. Anything else we should know? Yup! Hormonal changes act against the skin barrier. Skin barrier containing fatty acids that protect debree and what not decreases the amount of moisture the skin holds. No moisture equals dry skin, redness, and inflammation.

Well know that were armed with the damages – What can we do to protect the skin?

  • Sleeping for 6-8 hours
  • Exercising regularly
  • Eating a balanced diet consisting of low sugar, protein, and Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Using medicine with Ingredients: chamomile, feverfew, sulfur and salicylic acid
  • Sunscreen spf 15+

Increased Traffic With Comments

October 3, 2007

Not recieving much traffic? Would you like for more bloggers to visit your site?

A simple approach to increasing your traffic is to post meaningful comments throughout the network. It doesn’t matter if they’re good nor bad. A comment that has¬†meaning is enough.

Not sure what to comment on?

The possibilities are endless. You can appraise a new theme/layout. Why you came to his/her blog.  Will you return to the blog? and why. What should be improved on the blog. Advice on how to promote/advertise the blog.

But where is the traffic?

The traffic comes from your input on other blogs. You create a relationship in the network. If your comment has good advice someone may click your link.  Just be nice, and someone may be nice to you!

The Skinny on FATS!

October 3, 2007

No i’m not talking about obesity. Well in a way I guess I am! What I’m really talking about are those bulging love handles and scrumptious thighs. I’m not going going to get into the science and breakdown of it. But I will give a general guideline on the use of Dietary Fats.

What Are They?

Fats are good and yummy, and their also bad and inflating. But what are Fats? The Fat I’m referring to falls into Macro-nutrients category. Macro-nutrients contain Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates. Out of those three guess which is not needed. If you guessed Fat (since this article is on fats…) your wrong! Carbohydrates is the correct answer! So you may be thinking, “Why do we need them?” Fats are used in many ways: blood pressure, blood clotting, blood vessel constriction, organ protection, and insulation.

Some fats are good – some are bad. Anything in excess is bad. A general guideline on the amount of fats in your diet should be .5g¬†of lbm (lbm & ideal amount).¬† Some people like to use percentages. Either way will work, just use what your comfortable with. Simply input with the rest of your Macro-nutrients and wait for results. Now results aren’t daily. It takes weeks to recognize anything. Check the scale and mirror once a week.

1 vs 1

Saturated, and Unsaturated fats. That Snickers in your hand is loaded with Saturated Fats. Those lead to the rolls in your stomach. This is due to over populated hydrogen. When space is filled on the carbon chain the insulin resistance is increased. A chain reaction starts creating the food you’ve ate to be stored as fat (this among other things).

In Conclusion

You are what you eat. If you eat to much your fat. If you eat nothing your Nichole Richie! A little joke there if you didn’t notice.¬† Just remember anything in excess is bad whether a lot or a little.