John Chow vs. Shoemoney October competition!

It’s quite simple see… for the month of October their holding a competition on RSS subscriptions. As it stands Shoemoney has an overall lead of 2248. So we know which site is read more or less. I guess there’ll be some creative marketing schemes to expect? of course and its what we the little guys win in return

(John Chow’s site) If I Win, You Win

Help me win this competition and you could win some great prizes. They include:

  • A 2GB iPod nano (value $149)
  • Ad in the RSS feed (value $200)
  • John Chow dot Com Review (value $400)
  • 7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex (value $20)

On Shoemoney’s site it says, “So whats at stake? Well the loser will have to have a link to the winners website with “Find out why shoemoney is a better marketer then me”.

I guess my loyalty lies within John Chow since I discovered his site first. Good luck gents, and let the games begin!


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