NFLs 4th Week

Where to start…

Well my fave Panthers were upsetting this week against Tampa Bay. They stand 2-2, same as the Bucs.  The second loss at home… at home. We’re only in the fourth week! Looks like Carolina is going to show a pathetic season.  20-7, enough said.

Brett Favre is firing on all cylinders. Setting the TD record. Hopefully he’ll stay in the league until he breaks the passing record set by Dan Marino. Improving their team to 4-0, could this be the year? After his 32/45 2 td, and 0 int it could be.

Daunte Culpepper of the Raiders brought a victory to Oakland. About time that boy has done something. Ever since the good old days of (98) with Randy by his side, he hasn’t performed for shit. Minnesota then Miami now Oakland. Lets hope he stays in one place to get a ring?

Tony Romo and the Cowboys are playing well. Improved record of 4-0. Looks like the teams chemistry is working. In the last four games they haven’t put up less than 34 points. I guess TO has kept his mouth shut, and caught the ball?

Indy dominated Denver. Line stats showed it was a good game. Payton Manning threw superb 20-27, 193 yards, 3tds. Score was 38-20.

NY Giants upset the Philadelphia Eagles. I guess Donovan was sick that day? 16 to 3, I would believe so.

SD Chargers RB LT ran for 132 yds, and they still lost to Arizona! I don’t know what to say about this game. I hope Priest Holmes, and LJ ran well…

Tom Brady’s Pats won over Cincy. I guess that number 85 F.H.O.F didn’t put up? I hate these trash talking WRs. What happened to the days when they made enough to pay bills, and played for the hell of it? Until these salaries decrease I guess it won’t.

.. The rest are worthless to mention.


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