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After consideration I think it’s time to push forward and take blogging seriously. Now I wanted to be creative with the blog’s name. I still wanted to have the freedom to write anything that pleases me. So diversity had to be factored in. I had a great name idea, but it was taken. I thought of using a knock off of Alexander the Great? Well the .com, and .net was taken. So I had to once again strap the brain bucket on, and think harder, creative, and more clever. Well seeing as a Blog Of Diversity was my subtitle why not use that? Damn’t twice! that name was taken as well (, So i’m feeling like wtf now? then I thought of Can you guess what happened? yep it was shot. Then my loyal companion asked about yes of course it was available. So I snatched that purty domain quickly.¬† Now since I have my name established some of the things I need to work on are:

hosting, design, content, traffic, seo, marketing, advertising, and most importantly creating a relationship with the same niche.

So in a couple days things are going to get heavy…

Be on the lookout for !!


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