OMG Hannah Montana!

Just thought this was crazy. Tickets selling for $2500. Are you freaking serious? Seriously the girl is like 13, and just had a period. If one of my girls asked to go to the concert, i’d ask if they have a job and transportation. Who in their right mind would pay to go see some ‘TEEN’ with a squeaky voice? Buy the CD, and invest the rest.

 check it out –

“About 12,000 seats for the Memphis show were gone in 8 minutes. It took 15 minutes in Columbus, Ohio, and swift sellouts have been reported across the country — Nashville, Miami, Lexington, Ky. The Kansas City Council is investigating the matter.One ticket for the show in Charlotte, N.C., sold for $2,565.”


One Response to OMG Hannah Montana!

  1. heather says:

    Gotta love a lil girl who can out sell her daddy!

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