Publish it! Creative ways to get content

You like to write, but you don’t know what to write about? Well lets take a closer look…

What is your Blog Topic? The topic of your blog can be very demanding. Depending on the area you chose to create a blog can be over whelming. Just wanted to be part of the Bloggin Community and selected say – Finance, Making Money Online, SEO, Traffic Generation, Advertising, Fitness, Sports, Movies, Music, etc… Well now that we know what you’ve selected, how do you publish post after post every day? I’ve randomly picked Fitness as the topic.

Fitness – You can milk this topic until the udders are dead. It’s quite simple find areas that you’re familiar with, and just write. In fitness you can push to weight training, health of good fitness, supplements, nutrition accompanied by fitness, fitness clothing, fitness accessories. Now within those large categories lets dig deeper.

Weight training: gym memberships, machines vs. free weight, incline vs decline, time of training, rep ranges, targetted heart rate, targetted weight, training with percentages, on and on and on the list goes no body knows!

You see I took a major category, and exploited it into specific areas. It’s not difficult, you just have to be creative and Publish it!


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