Increased Traffic With Comments

Not recieving much traffic? Would you like for more bloggers to visit your site?

A simple approach to increasing your traffic is to post meaningful comments throughout the network. It doesn’t matter if they’re good nor bad. A comment that has meaning is enough.

Not sure what to comment on?

The possibilities are endless. You can appraise a new theme/layout. Why you came to his/her blog.  Will you return to the blog? and why. What should be improved on the blog. Advice on how to promote/advertise the blog.

But where is the traffic?

The traffic comes from your input on other blogs. You create a relationship in the network. If your comment has good advice someone may click your link.  Just be nice, and someone may be nice to you!


4 Responses to Increased Traffic With Comments

  1. WarriorBlog says:

    Commenting does work but you have to comment on the right blog and be in the first 10th place most of the time 🙂

    Thank you for stopping by Alex. Take care,

  2. Alex R. says:

    Yeah if your not in the top 10 don’t really expect anything. Doesn’t hurt to be courteous though! Who said, “It’s the thought that matters”

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