‘Roidfully Known

The Washington Post reported Thursday that the Olympic star Marion Jones was juicing prior to the 2000 Olympics. Marion Jones wrote a letter confessing to her family and friends. I wonder who leaked the information in that letter? Once a triple gold medalist in Sydney was under the “impression” the flax-seed oil she was taking wasn’t “the clear”. Wait a sec, I thought Marion was using flax-seed oil? How the truth bends to any angle! The clear is a name of a performance-enhancing drug produced by BALCO. The same BALCO that may be linked to Home Run King Barry Bonds.

Also in the Post Jones will plead guilty Friday in New York to two counts of lying to federal agents about the drug use and an unrelated financial matter. The newspaper reports, “I want to apologize for all of this” quoting a person (remember that family or friend?) who received a copy of the letter. The letter also states, “I am sorry for disappointing you all in so many ways.”

Sucks to be her, because this confession could pony up the five medals she won at the Sydney Olympics. Her goal participating in the Olympics was to bring home five gold medals. Do you feel bad for her now? Pandora’s Box has been open and a lot of personnel are coming out sprinting! Victor Conte head of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO) repeatedly accused Jones of doping.

That must have been some strong tasting flax-seed oil, because in 2003 Jones among many other athletes testified at a San Francisco federal grand jury that was investigating… yup BALCO. Her boyfriend (past, or present?) Tim Montgomery was given a two-year ban for doping in late 2005. December 2004 the International Olympic Committee declared an investigation on doping allegations against Jones.

Last year she tested positive for EPO a performance-enhancing drug. She immediately quit the European track tour forfeiting an estimated $300,000 in appearance and performance fees. When she returned to the states she tested negative to a urine sample connecting EPO.

Wait! it gets better. Jones was reported saying, “Red flags should have been raised when he told me not to tell anyone.” If someone tells me not to tell anyone, a lightbulb goes off and it’s not a good one! So where does this financial matter fall into place? Jones lied about a $25k check given to her by Montgomery (boyfriend) who pleaded guilty in New York concerning a multimillion-dollar band fraud and money-laundering scheme. What the hell is going on here? Ole’ Timothy wasn’t alone on this “financial” scheme Jones’ former agent, Charles Wells, and coach Steven Riddick was among them. I think drugs are the least of her concern since her reputation is shot. Now if her coach, boyfriend, and agent was apart of this…

Stay tuned on a developing story on Barry Bonds! back to you Alex!


One Response to ‘Roidfully Known

  1. YC says:

    There’re further developments to the Barry Bonds story? I thought it was more or less closed?

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