I’m a simple minded 22 optimist. My wife (Heather) is a realist,  so it’s like yin and yang.  Our three children AJ (4), Fallon (2), and Brooklyn (2 months). Education is GED with currently 34 college credits. My occupation is currently a servicemember in the US Army. I’ve been in the Army for three years. I made my E-5 (SGT) in two.

 About this blog – I wanted to create something to keep me updated on WWW changes. What a better way then a Blog? I wasn’t sure what website topic I should use so thought one with many. Expect writings on Life (family, relationships, friends, education) Finance (online investments, occupation investments, personal finance) Fitness & Health(weight loss, weight gain, supplements, dieting, training, exercises) and Entertainment (gaming, dvd, books, music, dining, sports, humor)

… A Blog of Diversity was created.


One Response to About

  1. Panda Watson says:

    I am looking for my son. He was born on Feb.14,1985 in Greenville S.C.
    If it is you please write me.

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