Likes & Dislikes

October 2, 2007


Football –
Carolina Panthers (Julius Peppers, Steve Smith)
Indianapolis Colts, NE Patriots

Basketball –
Miami Heat (Dwayne Wade, Shaq), LA Lakers (Kobe Bryant)
Chicago Bulls, NY Knicks, SA Spurs

Baseball –
Atlanta Braves (Andruw Jones) Cin Reds (Ken Griffey Jr.)
NY Yankees, NY Mets, Boston Redsox, San Fran Giants

Nextel Racing –
Kyle Bush, Bobby Labonte
Kurt Bush, Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon

Fighting –
UFC, Pride
Wrestling, IFL

Wussy Shit-

… more to come


No Power Steering – Holy Sh!t

October 1, 2007

Earlier today I was driving my M1151 to a meeting. An M1151 is one of the newest additions to the HMMWV line. High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle for the less informed ones of the Military jargon! We were having problems this week with the Power Steering or the Brake Rotors. Well today, actually my shift, had to be that day! As I’m driving a loud ass annoying whining started. Eventually the steering just gives. Now I didn’t realize this until after I parked, what a pain the ass it is to drive a 5,200 lb vehicle from a dead stop. I’m telling you I think I pulled a muscle. My forearms are killing me from the constant abuse of General Motors. These vehciles are pieces of shit. How come we can’t afford something that works… longer then say a year? With congress or whoever approving these seven figure bills? Anyways – I feel bad for the next guy! Hope to have it fixed in a day or so. With these mechanics here maybe realistically a week?

John Chow vs. Shoemoney October competition!

October 1, 2007

It’s quite simple see… for the month of October their holding a competition on RSS subscriptions. As it stands Shoemoney has an overall lead of 2248. So we know which site is read more or less. I guess there’ll be some creative marketing schemes to expect? of course and its what we the little guys win in return

(John Chow’s site) If I Win, You Win

Help me win this competition and you could win some great prizes. They include:

  • A 2GB iPod nano (value $149)
  • Ad in the RSS feed (value $200)
  • John Chow dot Com Review (value $400)
  • 7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex (value $20)

On Shoemoney’s site it says, “So whats at stake? Well the loser will have to have a link to the winners website with “Find out why shoemoney is a better marketer then me”.

I guess my loyalty lies within John Chow since I discovered his site first. Good luck gents, and let the games begin!