My Review: Good Luck Chuck

October 1, 2007

I watched Good Luck Chuck last night, and here are my thoughts…

The movie is about a guy that was hexxed as a child. The hex was basically you’ll never be happy, but the woman after you will be. The movie shows a lot of large implant breasts. So if your on a date, or the wife doesn’t like that stuff this movie is a no-no. Dane shows loyalty at first by not taking advantage of women with his “condition”. Later on he exploits it nicely. When he meets Murphy (woman that is prone to accidents) nicknamed after Murphies Law he changes his lifestyle. Murphy (Jessica Alba) did a wonderful job on her clutsy accidents. After he finds out that the curse is true from his friend he must find a way to keep Murphy. This is where the movie gets good. The funny scenes were hilarious. The movie is a good laugh. With two large celebrities the movie will pull some good revenue. The acting in the movie was superb, and contained a well written story line. You won’t be bored!

 Overall the movie recieves 3.5 out of 5 stars