The Do’s and Dont’s of Blogging

Following the advice I’m about to reveal to you should lure people to your blog and keep them there! The process is quite simple, following it will not only improve your traffic, but increase your blog’s wealth. I present to you the 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts of blogging!

DO – Write valuable information to increase your content’s capacity. Write what you want not what other people want. Make it interesting that the commentators will remember. Remember the reason why people come to your blog is to read what you’ve wrote!

DON’T write information to fill space. Having one well written addictive article is worthless if the rest is garbage.

DO– Name creative bold titles. Don’t over do it with text such as and & but. Creative titles will catch someones eye. Example topic Cars – F Bodies Newest Design. If you didn’t know what a F Body is you wouldn’t know it’s a Camaro. Here’s one more – Eight Cylinders of pure Adrenaline. Remember a bold title is similar to a Hurricane sucking everything in!

DON’T create a title on a subject that is generic. Great example on making money online would be… Make Money Online With Me. That’s pathetic, and I believe you can do much more. Don’t use strapped for time as an excuse. Take your time, and deliver a knock out!

DO– Have a unique theme that is not cluttered with text and advertisements. If you cannot afford to purchase a custom theme simply download one and customize it to your liking. Think of this – Would you rather look and drive a Lamborghini Diablo or a Honda Accord? Remember once their at your site, it’s either the design or the content that will make them come back!

DON’T continue writing amazing articles on the old ass word press theme. Create a good atmosphere with an amazing vibe. Not the feeling of well I’ve seen this before or been there done that.

DO– Welcome user feedback. They’ve came to your Blog and their about to leave, encourage a comment! A great example is to leave space in an article/post for users to fill in. Remember once a friend always a friend (most likely) 🙂

DON’T respond to comments. This is a golden rule of how not to make a good community.

DO– Leave a reason for visitors to return. A great example is to offer something. Back links, Affiliates, eBooks, and Blogroll can be an example. Remember incentives will keep them returning!

DON’T do anything to offer help, and your visitors will think your an oaf. Most of what you should offer should help yourself and the community, am I right?

Did you enjoy this article? Please let me know! I want to know what’s working and what isn’t! Something that should be added…comment I’ll return the favor I promise!

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4 Responses to The Do’s and Dont’s of Blogging

  1. Good post, Alex. Simple, easy to follow rules that surprisingly are skipped by quite a few new bloggers.

  2. WarriorBlog says:

    Awesome tips Alex – I must be doing all the “DO” since I notice you are a loyal reader 🙂 Thank you for that and I shall reward you 🙂

    Have an awesome day,

  3. Alex R. says:

    Sean – Yes you’re accomplishing the “DOs” I like what you’ve wrote. My new site is almost up, so soon I’ll be setting goals to accomplish much more. I hope to rewarded 😉

  4. YC says:

    Great list of blogging tips, Alex – thanks for dropping by at my blog too! I see you have quite a fair bit of content too – keep up the fantastic work!

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